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KRISTOF & KANE Kristof and Kane is an international piano/soprano duo that performs classical music and innovative fusions of musical theatre, American and European songbooks, opera, and art song that they call Classical Cabaret.  Kristof & Kane’s original classical cabaret show Duel-Duet was conceived and directed by distinguished Belgian film director, Lieven Debrauwer. The Cabaret West Newsletter reviewed the Duel Duet debut at the Gardenia in Hollywood and stated that it stunned those in attendance through the sheer musical command of these two performers.”  Their most recent shows have been performed in live venues and streaming live on Concert Window, an online concert venue.  “Falling in Love Again” was the first live streaming concert in November of 2014.  December’s show was “The Secret of Christmas” and their current show: “Better Together” was given as part of the long-running series Classics at the Merc in Temecula, CA.  Robert Culverhouse, curator of Classics at the Merc said that the “program was superbly crafted and delivered with style and sophistication.”  Kristof & Kane have produced a CD of songs and arias entitled A Moment of Joy reviewed by John France of Music Web International: “Her [Kane’s] accompanist Kristof Van Gryspeer is always sympathetic and responsive to both Kane’s voice and the wide variety of moods and styles represented on this CD.“ Music critic, Richard McKinney, stated: “Graced with the sensitive yet powerful piano playing of Kristof Van Gryspeer, this series of art songs and arias brings phrase after phrase of artful music in the true spirit of the art song.” Words used to describe Kane’s singing include: “crystal clear voice and impeccable technique” (LA Culture Spot Magazine), “clear and vibrant soprano” (McKinney), and “powerful and soothing” (Lopez). Both Kristof Van Grysperre and Susan Mohini Kane hold doctorates in music from top conservatories: Kristof from The University of Southern California and Kane from Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. They have performed together for such varied musical productions as the opera La tragédie de Carmen (Kristof conducted and Kane sang the soprano lead), the highly acclaimed CD of art songs and arias entitled A Moment of Joy (available at i-Tunes,, and CDBaby), and many concerts in Europe and the States. For detailed biographies please check out our website:
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